My sleep-alone Rx for a perfect marriage.

Sharon Gless has found a way to keep her marriage rosie; when the going gets tough, she spends the night alone.

The star of The Trials of Rosie O'Neill and Cagney and Lacey is now married to producer Barney Rosenzweig. "At the beginning of our marriage, once every couple of months, I'd go and sleep alone," she reveals. "I'd feel guilty because I needed to focus my mind on something. I was just so used to being alone all my life.

"I'd go off to my little house I bought 15 years ago. Next day I'd see Barney and it was like we'd been separated for a month. I don't do it much anymore. I don't have that need so much. But at first I didn't know what to do because I was so unused to having somebody there for me all the time.

"He was so good about it. Other men might not have been impressed."

Gless started this week in Honor Thy Mother,, a CBS-TV movie about a mom who survives a murder attempt by her druggie son, but refuses to believe that he was behind it.

Sharon became a first-time bridge last year at age of 47 when she wed 54-year-old Rosenzweig, her producer at both Cagney & Lacey and The Trials of Rosie O'Neill. She had her misgivings.

"I had a very adolescent image of what marriage was going to be like. I had to get over the fact that if we're fighting, it doesn't mean we're going to divorce.

"I'm so used to storming out of doors-but to try not to do that as much now."

When they met, Barney was with his second wife, Barbara Corday, and Sharon was a confirmed bachelorette.

"I introduce him as my first husband and he introduces me to people as his third and last wife-please God.

"I get on better with his children that I imagined. I could have been "the blonde," you know, the girl dad has right now."

When Barney proposed to Sharon after three years of dating, the fiercely independent actress worried that marriage would ruin their relationsihp. Barney was concerned about something entirely different; that working together on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill would split them up.

In fact, Sharon says marriage has been good for both their personal and work relationships.

"When we were together on Cagney & Lacey, I'd storm into his office and throw a script on his desk and sound off.

"But I think I've grown up now. I think Barney still feels that I'm a child. I lose things all the time, which irritates him to death. But I couldn't be happier.

"We've got the rest of our lives together. We're forever talking about what we're going to do. But, for the moment, every day is like an adventure."

Sharon says their favorite place to end the day is their Malibu beach house "because we can hear the ocean all night. The bed's much bigger there and it's such a cuddley thing."

"We talk about our dreams all the time," says barney. "I just feel like a kid with her. But no otehr woman has made me feel this good. That I know."