Revenge of the Stepford Wives


LENGTH: 100 minutes

CAST: Sharon Gless, Robert Guest, Julie Kavner, Audra Lindley, Don Johnson, MasonAdams, Arthur Hill, Ellen Weston, Millie Slavin.

SYNOPSIS: Mediocre sequel to 1975 theatrical feature finds an eager-beaver lady journalist coming to town and stumbling onlo the sinister secret behind the robotlike behavior of all the women (a different secret than the original film revealed). If the women's movement failed to endorse the original, it'll find less to cheer about here. (From Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide, 1994.)

(from another source) A television reporter stumbles upon a sinister secret in a quiet New England town and becomes the target of both the crazed husbands and their robot-like wives.

(from another source)Mediocre made-for-TV sequel. Sharon Gless plays a television reporter who travels to Stepford to do a story on the hamlet's apparent prosperity. It seems their crime, divorce and relocation rate is rock-bottom. Plucky Gless smells a story. Soon, she finds all is not well in Stepford. But the reason for the domestic tranquil is completely different than the one given in Stepford Wives, blunting the perversity of the original. Julie Kavner fills the Paula Prentis role as the crass and crude but oh so lovable best friend. Don Johnson is also on hand as Kavner's husband, a geeky police officer who is never sure if he's supposed to be a villain or not. In fact, since this is a TV-movie, there are some recognizable faces here. Mason Adams is the best of them. His character is the one strong point of this movie. He is tired of having a 'perfect' wife and misses the original. This is the only time the movie looks at the long-term impact of the Stepford Wives. Too bad the rest of the movie didn't try this hard.

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