The Trials of Rosie O'Neill Episodes

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The show was produced by Barney Rozenzweig (MTM)The basic storyline is that a 44 yr old divorced lawyer Fiona Rosie O'Neill (Sharon Gless) gives up her well paid job as a lawyer to become a public defender.

The series struggled in the first season in the shadow of Cagney and Lacey , but took off in the second season when Ed Asner joined the cast as an ex policeman Kovach.

Theme song 'I wish I knew' sung by Carole King written by Melissa Manchester.Vocal version 1st season - instrumental version 2nd season.

Ron Rifkin as Ben Meyer, Dorian Harewood as Hank Mitchell, Georgann Johnson as Charlotte O'Neill (Rosie's mother), Edward Asner as Walter Kovacs (season 2), and Robert Wagner (season 2 episodes 2.11, 2.12, 2.13)

Unproduced unwanted scripts:

1. A Hostile Environment by Donna Lynn Musil

2. Unwelcome Visitors by Meg Inglima

1st season 1990/91 18 episodes

1.01 STARTING OVER (aka Naches). 17 Sept. 1990. Directed by Ron Lagomarsino.

1.03 THE RAPIST (aka Good Luck, Rose), 24 Sept, 1990. Directed by Sharron Miller.

1.04 SO LONG PATRICK (aka Chances Are), 1 Oct. 1990. Directed by David Carson. Voodoo spell

1.02 LATE NIGHT CALLERS, 15 Oct. 1990. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

1.05 SHALOM, 22 Oct. 1990. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

1.06 AN ACT OF LOVE, 29 Oct. 1990. Directed by Joel Rosenzweig.

1.07 WHEN I'M 44 (aka Surf's Up); 5 November 1990. Directed by Sharron Miller.

1.08 ROSIE GETS THE BLUES, 19 November 1990. Directed by James Frawley.

1.09 THE GANG'S ALL HERE, 26 November 1990. Directed by Nancy Malone.

1.10 MR. RIGHT (aka Mr. Clean), 3 December 1990. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

1.13 STATE OF MIND, 7 December 1990. Directed by Sharron Miller.

1.12 THE MAN FROM ELF3, 17 December, 1990. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

1.11 MOTHER LOVE, 31 December, 1990. Directed by Victoria Hochberg.

1.14 TIME WILL TELL, 14 January, 1991. Directed by Gwen Arner.

1.16 REUNION, 28 January 1991. Directed by Nancy Malone.

1.17 A CONFLICT OF INTEREST, 9 June 1991. Directed by Joel Rosenzweig.

1.15 ENVIRONMENTAL ROBINHOOD, 16 June 1991. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

1.18 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, 23 June 1991. Directed by Sharron Miller.

2nd season 1991/92 16 episodes.

Edward Asner joins the cast as Walter Kovacs, an ex--policeman.

2.01 REAL MOTHERS, 12 Sept. 1991: Unco-operative ex policeman (Ed Asner) joins the public defenders office

2.02 KNOCK KNOCK, 19 Sept. 1991: mentally retarded teeneager accused of murder.

2.03 WOLF PACK, 3 Oct. 1991: guest Brenda Vacarro. Two young men accused of fraternity murder.

2.04 DOMESTIC SILENCE, 26 Sept. 1991:battered wife accused of killing a doctor.

2.05 THIS CANT BE LOVE, 31 Oct. 1991: Elderly woman accused of attempting to murder a doctor. Song Johnny Mathis 'Chances are'

2.06 LIFE SUPPORT, 7 November 1991: brain dead daughter.

2.07 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR ELSE, 14 November 1991: Rosie's 45th Birthday

2.08 DR. PSYCHEDELIC, 15 November 1991: Kovach (Ed Asner) sacked for leaking privileged information.

2.09 BATTLE FATIGUE, 12 December 1991: Guest star Meg Foster as the prosecutor (the 2ND Christine Cagney).Good episode. Prosecution withholding evidence.

2.10 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES, 22 November 1991: asian client

2.11 LADY LUCK: guest Robert Wagner

2.12 THE OTHER WOMAN: Rosie discovers that her new boyfriend is married and she has suddenly become The Other Woman. Guest Robert Wagner.

2.13 HEARBREAK HOTEL: Guest Robert Wagner. Classic episode - has to be seen to be believed - Sharon Gless as a cabaret singer.Directed by Nancy Malone

2.14 SWEET SIXTEEN: Directed by Reza Badiya

2.15 DOUBLE BIND: Rosie's mother (Georghann Johnson) dates a shoe salesman.

2.16 ROLE REVERSAL: Final episode. Dedicated to the late Ray Danton who helped in the making of the series.

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