The Scarlett O'Hara War

YEAR: 1980

LENGTH: 105 minutes

CAST: Sharon Gless, Tony Curtis, Morgan Brittany, Harold Gould, Clive Revill, Bill Macy, George Furth.

SYNOPSIS: "...this polished production revolves about the legendary search for the actress to play Margaret Mitchell's unsinkable heroine.A juicy melodrama entertainingly crammed with equal parts history, gossip, and star turns." (Movies on TV & Videocassette, 1992-1993)

By the way, GONE WITH THE WIND is still the highest grossing film of all time when you take the value of the dollar at the different times in history into account; although movies like Star Wars made more dollars technically, those dollars weren't worth as much due to inflation, so GONE WITH THE WIND actually not only is the highest-grossing film of all time in adjusted dollars, but has a good lead over its rivals.

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