Healing Thoughts

This is a page I'm setting up for healing thoughts to be directed towards people when they are requested. I am going to use a Tibetan prayer wheel which contains the Om Mani Padme Hum prayer which can be used for cleansing negativity and for healing.

If anyone looking at this page wishes to send their thoughts and prayers towards the people on this page, that would be much appreciated.

If you would like healing prayers or energies, send me your first name, your general location, and what you would like help with. Send to darkchildeNOSPAM@NOSPAMbookmice.net. (Remove NOSPAM before sending)

Hillary, Michigan. He had pneumonia and still has a problem with shortness of breath and coughing. Needs healing and calming thoughts.

Nancy in Michigan. Has gone through various physical problems. Now is suffering from intense itching. She has not made any changes in the things she uses to clean and wash with. No changes in medicine so the cause of the itching is unknown. Needs healing and knowledge of the casue of the itching.

John Haney in Michigan. Diabetic, blisters on both feet. One not so bad but one foot very bad. Needs healing thoughts.

Cathy in Michigan. Her husband recently died. Needs thoughts of comfort and support.

Helen Davis, fell in kitchen, recent stroke. Needs healing thoughts and support.

Nancy in Michigan. Suffers from Trichotillomania and OCD. Will be having surgery on her elbow.

Carleen in Minnesota. Has cancer of the right side of her liver. Needs healing thoughts.

Mike in St. Paul. In his 70's, fell off a roof. Had back surgery and has broken ribs. Needs healing thoughts.

Wolf Spirit Woman. Will be seeing a hemotologist about proteins in her blood. Also seeing an eye doctor about possible macular degeneration and rdiabetc retinopathy. Needs healing thoughts.

Valerie.Needs comfort and healing thoughts.