This section will consist of a variety of things which, in my opinion, involve spirituality. I do not like to use the word "religion" in this case since that term has so many connotations with it; also, "religion" generally refers to some form of structured, hierarchial belief system which is "run" by certain people.

To me "spirituality" is more of a personal view of things. You can be spiritual and religious, both, but you can also be spiritual without being religous. Those who follow the path of Wicca, for example, can be very spiritual but still have almost nothing to do with "religion".

This area is going to take some time to get up but will include some material on the Tao Te Ching andsome material I wrote on spirituality.

Thoughts of other people on the subject of tolerance
My thoughts on Homophobia
Tao Te Ching
Reviews of books and articles relating to spirituality and paranormality.

Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts

Babylon 5 Creed

The Earth-Spirit-Train

The Rail

Ride the Train to a Different Destination Each Day