Stargate SG-1: The First Amendment

This is an interesting book, largely because it deals with the concept of 'the public's right to know.' Senator Kinsey's son is a reporter and manages to get into the stargate facilities. He wants to blow their cover and become famous for his article exposing the truth of what is going on with the program.

The others don't want him to do that, of course, and they point out to him that exposing the public to the truth could cause widespread panic and unrest all over the world (which is a quite reasonable assumption.)

The sub-plot revolves around a Major who led a rescue attempt that went disastrously wrong, and who ends up wanting to expose everything himself so he takes the reporter hostage.

The only solution seems to be to take him along on a trip through the gate. It's a trip, though, that does not go well at all, exposing the reporter to various aliens, death and injury.

It's a good story and one that reflects itself in the argument over whether or not UFOs exist and are from other planets. Movies generally depict any such aliens as being hostile, and a lot of people would panic if they found out aliens were real and have been here. Just as in the book there would be people who would want to fight the aliens and others who would want to sell out to them. There would also be some major religious repercussions, especially if the aliens had their own spiritual system.

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