Stargate Rebellion

So, Ra is now a cloud of radioactive debris floating above one of the planets he used to control. Apparently word hasn't gotten out about his fate, though. Hathor decides she wants to find out what happened to him. There are some problems in her way, though, like a spaceship that is in really bad shape and has to be fixed up a lot, an engineer she can't really trust and various other Gould that want her dead so they can claim her place.

She also doesn't know that Abydos has been freed by the Stargate SG-1 team and the local inhabitants. They have their own problems, though, when an ultra-greedy corporation wants to mine something on their planet and use them as basically slave labor up to and include the used of armed guards and troops to keep the locals under control.

O'Neill and Jackson aren't happy about this, of course, and neither are the locals.

So, add Hathor to the mix, trying to retake the planet, and you have a really major problem for both sides. This is a really good follow-up to the series.

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