Stargate SG-1: The Essential Scripts

This book contains a half-dozen selected scripts from the series. Each script has information about its origins, then the script itself (with places noted where there were changes from the final script to what was actually shot), then a conclusion with more information about the episode.

The shows are all strong ones. They range from serious to the strange (Wormhole X-treme!). There are photos included in the book, also.

The Torment of Tantalus is the first script included and is the episode that reveals what happened to the stargate from its discovery until 1945 and what happened that basically stopped further research.

The Fifth Race is the second script and is the memorable show where O'Neill gets grabbed by a face hugger and information is downloaded into his brain.

The third script is Window of Opportunity where a guy is causing a time loop to occur that O'Neill and Tealc get caught in. It's quite funny in sections.

The fourth script is 2010 where a group of supposedly friendly aliens are actually working on a plan to wipe out all humans.

Wormhole X-treme is the episode where a guy is making a television series about the Stargate. There are two other aliens involved and an alien ship that is due to arrive soon.

Abyss is the final script and is the one where Jack gets tortured by Bal who keeps healing him in a sarcophagus.

It's a good choice of scripts and the way each is handled is quite good.

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