Daniel's Song

2005. The team is on another planet. They find a DHD which has Aztec impressions on it. Daniel touches it and is knocked out. He ends up back with his wife before the Gould arrived on Abydos. He knows they are coming and warns the others. They ambush Apophis and manage to kill him. They also end up killing Teal'c at the same time, though, since his turning against the false gods had not yet happened.

Then Daniel finds out it was all sort of a dream to help him make peace with the past. As a story it's probably the worst of any of the Stargate SG-1 comic book stories I have read. It would not help Daniel make peace; it would very probably make him miss his wife even more. Also, the Teal'c that died was not the same as the one in the actual series since it would have been an alternate version of him.

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