Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-3 Trading Cards

I really liked the Stargate SG-1 series. I have all the DVDs and all the basic trading card sets. What I will do is show the cards and make comments about what they are showing.

For some reason the first three seasons were put into one single set of cards; seasons 4 through 10, though, all have their own basic sets. (There are other cards than the basic ones, but those cards generally cost rather a bit and I haven't gotten them.)

The top card shows the card introducing season 1. On the back is a list of the episodes and when they were originally shown.

The second card shows Apophis, one of the best continuing villains the series had. He as a great villain, and he had a habit of being stomped into the ground by SG-1 and then coming back for more. It was almost like Wile E. Coyote being flattened by something the Road Runner has set up and then getting right back up, only to be flattened again.

The third card shows the snake outfits of his soldiers. For some reason all the guys have red eyes except the closest one.

The last card shows the Gou'ald parasite in a host. The parasite was very much like the creatures the Trill carried in Deep Space 9. They were intelligent life forms that needed to survive within a human host. They integrated themselves into the host's nervous system and then, in the case of the Gou'ald, took over the body, while in the case of the Trill lived a totally symbiotic relationship with the host.

The first card shows an episode that dealt with the second-class status of women in an off-world culture. Like Star Trek did, SG-1 sometimes used the show to deliver messages about problems our own world has at this very time.

The second card shows another episode, this one emphasizing Amanda Tapping's endowment, should we say. It definitely got the attention of a lot of viewers.

The third episode shows how some of the people in the Stargate program would use the gates as an ability to advance themselves, becoming virtual gods over primitive peoples they might find.

The fourth card shows an episode that dealt with O'Neill and how he felt about his son that had died.

The first card shows one of the major races, the Nox, who were never really used very much in the series. SG-1 gets killed (one of various times in the series) and revived by the Nox. The second card is another O'Neill-centered episode.

The third card deals with the original host for the Gou'ald, while the fourth one is about a much earlier program involving the use of the Stargate that ended in what everyone had believed was failure.

We learn that Teal'C had a wife and a child. The second card deals with an episode where everyone thought that Daniel Jackson had been lost on a mission. The third card introduces one of the sexiest of the Gou'ald villains, Hathor, who could seduce any guy she wanted to.

The fourth card shows one of several episodes where Earth's some one or some group wanted to destroy Earth's stargate.

The top card is from a Teal'c-centered episode that is about his actions in the past as a follower of Apophis compared to his actions in the present to overthrow the Gou'ald.

The second card deals with an episode where a group on another world doesn't trust SG-1, and one of the men working with the Stargate program begins his career as a series nasty.

The third card is about O'Neill and Carter being trapped on an ice planet, and gives an idea that there might be something between the two of them. The fourth card is about a scientist on another planet that makes duplicates of SG-1 who figure prominently in a much later episode.

The top card deals with one of the episodes where there is an alternate reality that contains a version of the Stargate program (which is carried to a really funny extreme in a much later episode where there are lots and lots of SG-1 groups all together.)

The second card deals with a continuing political villain who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The third card shows how a Gou'ald can bring a person under their control, while the fourth card is the season 2 overview with a list of the episodes and their air dates.

The top card shows one of the best good guys in the entire series, Bra'tac. Carter ends up with a Gou'ald symbiote in her. The third card shows one of the worst villains on the series, 'The Destroyer of Worlds.'

The fourth card is about an episode dealing with virtual reality.

The first card shows an episode in which Daniel ends up using a Gou'ald sarcophagus, which is something that is able to heal wounds, but which can slowly take over a person's mind. The second card shows one of the stranger outfits that were worn during the series. It basically reminds me a little of the outfits that were worn by samurai in ancient Japan.

The third card shows a rather nasty episode where O'Neill is literally pinned through his body to the wall by a device the group brought back from another planet.

A lot happens in the episode with the fourth card. Old Apophis is back again (like a bad penny.) Teal'c's former wife has remarried,and his son has been brainwashed.

This is one of the let's-torture-Daniel episodes. He gets back to Abydos and finds out his wife is there and pregnant by Apophis. Another Gou'ald wants to get her child when it is born, and Daniel again loses her to Apophis.

The second card is from what I consider a yucky episode, a bunch of huge insects that attack people. The last two cards deal with another group of people who hate the Gou'ald, the Tok'ra. They also happen to have Gou'ald parasites in them, though, and they don't think a lot of the people from Earth, either. Eventually the two groups do become fairly firm allies in the fight against the Gou'ald.

The top card deals with a Native American civilization that SG-1 finds, along with yet another group of aliens that threaten to destroy the Earth. The next card is about an episode where the weather on a planet is controlled by a device that is stolen, and SG-1 tries to get it back.

The third card is an episode which is one of the pivotal episodes of the entire series. O'Neill gets too close to an alien device and his head is grabbed and information is downloaded into his brain. We find out about the various major races and the Asgard.

The last card shows how a SG team can be wiped out by something that they did not expect.

The first card shows one of the not-so-good episodes about an old scientist that invents a body-swapping device.

The second story has the old standby villain Apophis back again, this time pursued by another Gou'ald. Apophis dies, sort of.

The third card is about an episode where SG-1 accidentally upsets an ecosystem on another planet. The fourth card is about an episode where a planet is nearly destroyed by the Gou'ald, and the survivors want revenge by killed all humans since only humans seem to be able to carry the Gou'ald parasite.

1969 is a time travel episode that is quite good. The second card refers to another plot by Hathor. The third card is a Season 3 listing of episodes and airdates. The last card refers to an episode where Hathor is defeated.

Seth, another Gou'ald leader, ends up being killed. In the second card three more Gou'ald leaders are introduced, including Yu who I sort of liked as a character. SG-1 finds out the Gou'ald can be treacherous to others of their own kind.

The third card deals with Gou'ald parasites while the fourth card deals with a horrible system of education that another planet uses that leaves their children in a vegetative state.

The first card refers to another alternate reality where the Earth has been conquered by the Gou'ald. The second card concerns a story about a bounty hunter, while the third card shows another planet where the civilization has developed a medieval village where a sacrifice is made to a local monster (an Unas), and SG 1 has to stop what is going on with the help of one villager.

The last card shows a device that is a smallish thing that, when activated, produces a huge image of Aphosis. Now imagine you had some type of a similar device that you could take shopping with you when you go to one of those really big malls. You can never remember where you park your car, but put this device just outside by your car and turn it on. Presto! You have a huge figuring that can point right at your car. You'll never have trouble finding your car again!

Poor Daniel once again gets dealt a raw deal where romance is involved. This time his wife is killed. The second card brings back a character from an earlier episode, 'The Destroyer of Worlds,' who is trying to figure out why amnesia is overrunning a planet.

The third card is about a trip to a prison that is made to look just like the stereotypical view of hell. And who is to make yet another appearance? That Wile E. Coyote of the Gou'ald, Apophis. Apophis is looking the worse for wear in the fourth card as SG-1 yet again (like the Road Runner) escape his grasp.

The first card refers to an episode where aliens take over the base by mimicking the appearance of others. The second card is about an episode where the Nox appear again. The third card is about Urgo, and covers an episode which is pretty humorous. The let's-crush-their-chances-for-romance curse strikes O'Neill in the fourth card where he's trapped on a planet, starts a romance with a woman, and then SG-1 appears to take him back home.

This episode reveals a rogue Earth organization that steals alien technology to aid the defense of Earth. The second card deals with how basically spiritual beliefs of a people can be endangered by contact with an advanced civilization.

Guess who's back. Apophis! Yes, once again he's back to steal the baby his wife had. That's the third card. The fourth card is about a good episode involving a crystal skull.

This card shows an episode that

The final three cards form one continuous scene which is quite good.

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