Stargate SG-1 Season 10 trading cards

This is the tenth and final season of the series, which was followed by two DVD movies, the first finishing up the arc in the tenth season about the Ori, and the second movie about Ba'al.

Three of the regular main characters. The backs of two of the cards show the other three major characters of the season, but each scene is very dark, almost like it's a put-down of the three.

The Ori have stomped the allied fleet into pieces. Vala is having a baby who will become the leader of the Ori. Teal'c has been captured by the Lucian alliance, and no one knows what happened to Daniel. Carter has been left floating in space.

Vala names the child Adria, and she grows rapidly. It turns out Daniel is on board the same ship. Teal'c and Carter are rescued. The Ori are attacking Chulak and the battle does not go well for the defenders.

They team gets going to find an ancient weapon that Merlin had that could destroy ascended beings. They get to a planet where they find skeletons of people who died in their sleep. Meanwhile, back at the SG base, Vala is being tested to see if she is good enough to be a member of the SG team.

This episode is a crossover between Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, where the SG team comes to Atlantis in search of clues to Merlin's weapons. They find an ascended being who is partial to humans. One Ori ship ends up being destroyed, but the problem is they have lots and lots of replacements.

Ba'all crash-lands on Earth and is taken to the SG base. He says his clones plan to kill him and if SG-1 helps him he will help them find Merlin's weapon. A whole bunch of his clones are gathered together and things go wrong.

It's supposed to be a day in the woods for the boys, but terrible attacks occur on another planet and on Earth, and they are linked to one of the extremist stargate groups using technology they didn't fully understand.

The alien/movie director/character from earlier is making a Wormhole Extreme movie which seems full of explosions. The episode gets really funny with the various ideas that the team offers the producer, including them dressing up in Wizard of Oz outfits.

It turns out the movie gets canceled, but the series gets renewed.

Adria is talking to villagers when suddenly everyone but her and SG-1, in disguise, is killed by some kind of energy wave from their stargate. Adria takes an Ori ship to the Jaffa planet of Dakura and destroys the weapon they were using against her followers.

Vala is captured by the Trust, one of the extremist groups. Something goes wrong, though, and Vala loses her memory. Then its a race between the Trust and SG-1 to find her.

More trouble with the Lucian Alliance. We also see that the Lucian Alliance has as much internal bickering as do the system lords. By the end of the episode the Lucian Alliance has become an enemy of the Earth.

The group is still looking for something of Merlin's and has to pass through a series of tests, which they do. Unfortunately, there's a dragon at that they still have to face.

They find Merlin who starts building something but dies before it is completed. Ba'al is along trying to help them, but Adria and her group arrive and take the device and Daniel.

The Ori attack a village. Carter is badly wounded, a cloaking device is used, and Vala plays a major role. The fight against the Ori is getting bloodier all the time.

This is another alternate reality story, this time involving Carter who ends up on a parallel Earth where the Ori are planning to attack and martial law has been declared by the U.S. President.

Daniel has become a prior and is captured by SG-1. Merlin's device is finished and will supposedly kill the Ori leaders. It's sent into their galaxy but no one knows if it works or not before more Ori ships arrive.

This set is from a rather strange episode. Bounty hunters are hired to find and eliminate SG-1 by the Lucian Alliance. Why didn't they bother doing this a lot earlier? And why did they quit after it failed this one time? I consider this a sort of throw-away episode.

SG-1 lands on a planet that doesn't like the idea of alien visitors, especially ones who sort of accidentally take a whole lot of people hostage. Basically another throw-away episode.

There's trouble among the Jaffa, with one of them wanting to lead the Jaffa over to the side of the Ori. The interfering pompous civilian oversight group tries to mess things up but SG-1 is able to get things straightened out.

In a strange episode we get to meet Vala's father and we find out why she turned to a life of crime. It's sort of a humorous episode, actually.

Vala is separated from the team and meets her daughter, Adria. It's really a set-up to capture Adria, but Ba'al intervenes and captures her himself. In the end, Adria dies and ascends.

In one of the saddest episodes of the entire series, the Asgard race commits mass suicide, knowing their race was dying anyhow and not wanting the Ori to get hold of their secrets. The group gets stuck in time and Teal'c is the one who ends up bailing them out.

Various behind-the-scenes cards, along with check-lists of the cards in the set.

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