Stargate Sg-1 Trading Cards, Season 4

Beginning with this set the publishers began having one entire set of cards per season, allowing more than one card per specific episode.

A very good three-card display of the major characters.

Three cards from the same episode. The replicator threat still remains to Earth, and the Asgard are also having problems with them.

Three cards from the episode The Other Side where there's a war on another planet and SG-1 is made an offer than it almost too good to refuse.

This set is from the episode Upgrades. There's an alien device that gives people special abilities but at a cost. The problem is, there's a Gou'ald ship that needs to be destroyed.

These three are from Crossroads. A Gou'ald symbiote plays a nasty trick.

The Gou'ald have found a new way to take people over. O'Neill and Carter have to (sort of) admit that they have feelings for each other. Martouf dies.

The next episode is like Groundhog Day and has some really funny bits as seen in the middle card.

The title is a pun, of course, on the Watergate conspiracy. It's an odd episode where the Russians got the stargate from the spaceship that crashed in an earlier episode and set up their own program which has gone wrong. SG-1 is called in to try to help and they find a form of life they did not expect to find.

These three are from a really good episode, in my opinion one the entire series best. Daniel finds an Unas, the original host of the Gou'ald. In addtiion, he finds out that this is the planet the Gou'ald first evolved on. Daniel is taken prisoner by the Unas and attempts to communicate with him, learning some of his language and his culture which makes the episode a really strong one. No kill-it-it's-different approach.

This is another good episode. An alien civilization starts to terraform a planet that already has a civilization of its own. The stargate group needs to figure out how to communicate with the alien vessel and stop the extermination of an entire species. Things turn out to be more complicated than they expected, though.

This episode reminds me a little of a book I read called Haven. There's a regular city that is set for the rich and the powerful, and an under-city where everyone else has to scramble for an existence. The team is captured and brainwashed, but the technique has its flaws and eventually they recover their memories and help free the enslaved workers.

An episode where the team encounters Martin who appears in a later episode. At first Martin seems to be a nutcase, but the more the team checks into what he is saying, the more they find out that he's been telling the truth.

A craft is developed that uses some Gou'ald technology, and O'Neill and Teal'c test it. Things go wrong, though, and they need to be rescued.

An old professor that Daniel liked dies in a lab explosion. Rumors of a curse on artifacts that had been found get started, but the situation turns out to be worse than that as one living Gou'ald symbiote reveals its existence in the host it has already taken.

Yes, Apophis is back yet again, this time trying to defeat one of the other system lords and take on more power.

Hammond is blackmailed into resigning. Col. Mayborne makes another appearance. A secret group seen in an earlier episode and Senator Kinsey both appear, both the group and Kinsey being extremists.

An episode based around the concept of the Greek Trojan horse, where another civilization 'helps' worlds solve their problems, but at the same time rendering their people infertile so they can eventually take over the planet without opposition. The SG-1 team of the future are wiped out.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely is the basis behind this episode. Daniel is the center of the episode as he is taught what absolute power can lead to.

The team finds a strange light on another planet that turns out to have been part of a Gou'ald pleasure palace. They are in effect drugged by the light and have to find a way to counter its effects or they will have to stay on that planet the rest of their lives.

The story is about a group of typical mad-scientist stereotypes which are on another planet and finding a new life form which they, of course, immediately capture. This leads to the fact that the life form was not alone, and before long they and the team are under attack.

A probe is sent to another planet that promptly sends back an energy wave that takes over the base computers. It turns out the probe the program sent destroyed all life on the planet, and this last bit of energy intends to do the same thing to the earth. It takes over Carter's body, and the team decides they may need to kill her to kill the energy being.

The robotic duplicates of SG-1 take center stage in this story where they save the lives of the human SG-1 members by sacrificing themselves in battle against a Gou'ld lord.

Guess whose back yet again. Yep. Apophis, who has just had most of his fleet wiped out when Carter managed to get a star to explode.

A good three-card set of the main heroes of the series.

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