Stargate SG-1 Season 5 Trading Cards

The first three cards show characters from the series, and the backs show the various episodes and airdates.

The fourth episode continues events from when Carter blew up a star. Apophis's ship and the one Carter and her father are in are stranded incredibly far from home. Another ship shows up and atttacks Apophis' ship.

The story continues, with Apophis' ship having been overrun by replicators, and Teal'c is back to believing that he is Apophis' First Prime.

Replicators are on board the next ship they are in and they speed back to our galaxy. Carter manages to arrange for that ship to crash, and she, her father and Teal'c escape in another ship. Supposedly Apophis is killed for the final time.

Finally Teal'c is given a dangerous treatment that involves removing his host and making him relive his memories in an attempt to free him from thinking he's still Apophis' First Prime.

Teal'c's memories are restored, and he is freed of the influence of Apophis.

Carter, at her home, sees a guy that no one else can see. He ends up building a small stargate in Carter's basement and returns to his home world to stop humans from firing off a terrible weapon.

O'Neill and another guy are trapped on a planet under fire by Goa'uld. Carter and the others return to Earth to get help, but no one there knows anything at all about the guy that is with O'Neill. Some group from the government wants to investigate SG-1, while the doctor finds out why O'Niell saw someone that no one else did.

The guy is revealed to be an alien who the Goa'uld want because of his abilities.

In the next episode SG-1 gets to a planet that suddenly has a problem with the color of the sky.

The team contacts the Asgard who say they can't interfere. They then build a rocket to put something into the sun to fix what had gone wrong but their effort is stopped by one of the people on the planet. Nothing they do seems to fix the problem, but somehow the problem ends up being fixed anyhow.

The next episode is about Cassandra, who was in a much earlier episode. Something has gone wrong with her, and they need to get her back to her home planet. One of the system lords returns to the planet to continue her experiments.

Cassandra is cured, but only by allowing the system lord to escape.

The next episode is basically one that looks at slavery. Chaka is the Unas that Daniel made friends with in an earlier episode. Chaka and other Unas are captured and taken to a planet of humans where they are sold as slaves. It had been the other way around in the past, with the Unas keeping humans as slaves, but there was a revolt and now the tables have been turned.

This parallels to some degree the story of slavery in the United States, where blacks were bought and sold, families were torn up, and the slaves were treated badly. There was a constant fear of the slave owners that the slaves would revolt and once such revolt did happen. Unlike the SG-1 story, though, the slaves in the U. S. did not overthrow their master.

A Russian stargate team is missing, and a joint Russian-US team is sent to find out what happened to them. One of the Russian team is taken over by a symbiote and ends up being killed, straining U.S.-Russian relations.

The next episode is about another planet that had been contacted. They have excellent weapons but won't let the Earth people have any.

It turns out that the planet rulers had arranged to make weapons for the Goa'uld. One of the rulers destroys the weapons, though, and the Goa'uld attack the previously-impregnable planet while SG-1 escapes through the Stargate.

The next story is about the Trojan horse approach used by a civilization to destroy the people on another planet by making them infertile and eventually taking control of the planet without firing a shot. This is related to an earlier story about the future of the Earth where the same thing had happened, although O'Neill had managed to send a note through the stargate warning the present-day earth of what had happened.

The previous story ends. The story after that is about a guy that knows he is dying. He manages to get his hands on a symbiote, planning to use it just long enough to cure him but not long enough for it to take him over completely. Things go wrong, and he gets taken over.

The first three cards are about an episode that's about a fictional series about a stargate program, being done by a guy from a much earlier episode. It's a good parody of the actual show. The episode after that is about O'Neill working with recruits when a foothold situation happens at the base. O'Neill is wounded, and the recruits will have to save the day.

The first two cards cover more of the previous episode. The next cards cover an episode where Teal'c gets in trouble and the SG team needs the cooperation of the Russians to rescue him, but they are reluctant to help. A character that later ends up on Stargate Atlantis (and probably the single most annoying stargate character ever devised) is called in to help.

Teal'c is rescued, but not before Mayborne gets called in and a character from an earlier episode that had the symbiote planted in him to heal him gets caught.

The next cards are about a biological warfare agent that could kill all the major system lords at one time. Daniel poses as a slave of the system lord Yu, but things go wrong when a former girlfriend of his, now a Goa'uld herself, recognizes him.

Daniel is still at the system lord summit, and he finds out that Anubis, a major evil character, is back, so he drops his plan to poison the other system lords.

The next story is about an asteroid due to crash into the earth. SG-1 goes there on a cargo ship to plant a major bomb to destroy the asteroid.

Things go wrong when they find out the asteroid is really a giant bomb. They manage to survive, though, in an episode that is not one of the better ones.

A Jaffa army is being formed to fight the Goa'uld. O'Neill becomes suspicious of the leader of the group, though.

Teal'c is captured by Yu who reveals to him that the leader of the Jaffa army is actually a Goa'uld. Teal'c defeats him in battle just as Yu attacks the army from above.

The next cards refer to an episode where a woman is found who can make replicators mentally. She is brought to the base and starts to go sort of crazy, making lots of replicators. Finally she is shot which causes the replicators to fall apart.

The Goa'uld are attacking a planet, and the main weapon the planet has no one can get to work. Two guys are freed from prison to help fix it.

The final card deals with an episode where Daniel has radiation poisoning.

Daniel dies from the radiation and ascends. A new character, Jonah, is encountered. In the next episode, Thor is captured by a system lord and it is revealed that the Asgard are having problems surviving.

Anubis is in the background as the next possible danger to the group.

These three cards show three of the major characters in the show.

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