Stargate SG-1 Season 6 trading cards

The first three cards of this set I think are some of the most colorful and well-done ones of all the series.

The forth card notes that Daniel is still gone, Jonas has taken over his work, and a fighter, the F-302, is ready for testing.

The episode continues with Teal'c's wife dying and his son blaming him. The stargate is having problems and the earth could be destroyed. It's Anubis, getting ready to attack the earth.

Note the third card. It's the weapon Anubis is using against the Earth, sending beams of energy through the stargate. Note what the structure resembles. Stonehenge. I've wondered if Stonehenge was not something similar, although not a weapon. Something used to channel energy, like a cyclotron, send it to the central altar and thence – somewhere for some purpose.

Then someone gets the idea that the way to stop the gate from destroying the earth is to get the gate off the earth.

With the U.S. stargate destroyed, the Russians let the U.S. uses theirs, but there's still a lot of tension between the two countries. A Goa'uld mothership appears above the earth but it turns out to be mostly abandoned. Teal'c and Jonas are sent there and are trapped when the ship plunges into the ocean. A rescue mission is launched and barely is in time.

A woman is found in ice. She could be from as long ago as four million years and it seems she might actually still be alive. The problem arises when the people at the base began to become ill, and the woman ends up curing them but grows weaker each time. She dies before O'Neill can be cured, and it seems that the only way to save him is to have him carry a symbiote for a while.

The next episode again brings back the guy that was rich and dying and became a Goa'uld. Not one of my favorite characters.

The NID, the rogue agency, is in the town that three of SG-1 has gone to. The townspeople are building a spacecraft under the influence of immature symbiotes. Carter is implanted with a symbiote, and the whole thing turns out to be a Goa'uld plan, but the plan fails.

In the next episode O'Neill gets tortured and killed, over and over. He's been captured by Ba'al, another system lord who becomes involved in the entire rest of the series. An ascended Daniel appears to O'Neill while O'Neill is still held captive.

The system lord Yu is told of Ba'al's secret base and attacks it, giving O'Neill a change to get free. Daniel appears yet again to him.

The next story is about Jonas' home planet which is on the brink of a destructive planet-wide war.

The next episode is what I would consider a throw-away one, where some scientists end up rescuing SG-1, only to find out that SG-1 didn't really need rescuing, but then again they end up needing rescuing after all.

The Tok'ra and the Jaffa, two groups that don't exactly care for each other, end up together at the Alpha Base where things start to go wrong. There seems to be an assassin who can make himself invisible working for Anubis who is behind the problems.

The next episode has the SG-1 team finding a planet that has a substance which can keep a Jaffa alive even without a symbiote.

It turns out the Goa'uld queen that the people were using is the one that gave rise to the Tok'ra.

The next episode has Earth produce it's first space battleship, sort of. The one rich guy/symbiote (who has lived too long and been in too many episodes) and others plan to steal the ship. They eventually are dealt with, but not before the ship ends up someplace unknown. To add to the problems, Thor beams aboard the ship and says the Asgard homeworld is being overrun by replicators.

The next episode has the replicators once again, who have learned how to take human form. They plan to conquer the universe, but one of them is sympathetic to the humans. He is promptly betrayed when SG-1 is able to escape.

The next episode is about the dangers of bringing back artifacts nobody knows anything about. It doesn't seem to do anything, but Jonas ends up seeing an enormous insect that seems to be able to pass through walls.

The situation gets worse when people outside the base start seeing the creatures, but finally a way to stop them is found.

Senator Kinsey is supposedly shot to death and O'Neill is supposedly there when it happens. Carter finds out the NID is behind this again, and some of them have teamed up with greedy businessmen to use alien technology for profit.

Alas, Kinsey is still alive. Carter finds a way to prove that O'Neill had nothing to do with what happened, and Kinsey, as a politician would, takes credit for everything himself.

The next episode involves Mayborne again, who is one of the best continuing sort-of villains that the series had. He tricks the team to going to a planet where he jumps through a doorway, with O'Neill right after him. They find out there's a plant that has hallucingenic effects on Mayborne and O'Neill. They are rescued and Mayborne is promised that he will be sent to another planet instead of being jailed.

A system lord seen in a previous episode is doing experiments on people on another planet. SG-1 investigates and is captured. The people she had been experimenting upon think she is a god and that she has been curing them of a disease, but they are totally wrong. Eventually one of them realizes the truth and Nirrti, the system lord, is killed.

The next episode is about how difficult it has become to keep the existence of the stargate program a secret. Various politicos meet to figure out how to reveal it to the public without causing mass panic.

Kinsey is up to his old tricks, though and the ambassadors, being politicians, can't see beyond the end of their own noses to the truth. Thor shows up and convinces them the stargate program should be kept under Hammond.

The next episode finds the team encountering a crashed spaceship which contains, unknown to them, crooks.

The crooks are tricked and are re-captured.

The next episode has Teal'c having nightmares of being a fire-fighter and not an alien, and of being with Bra'tac at the scene of a terrible battle. It turns out the two were badly wounded. They are rescued and given the drug that takes the place of a symbiote.

The Prometheus has trouble in the next episode and lands on a planet where there might be a stargate. The odd thing is that the recorded history of the people goes back only 300 years, although it's obvious they've been there longer than that.

The next episode is about a planet where people are slaves having to mine naquadah. Jones develops a brain tumor.

The team works to free the people of the planet but various things go wrong. It turns out the things Jonas sees in his vision represent a possible future, but not an unchanging future.

In the next episode Daniel, still ascended, appears to warn the team that Anubis is going to Abydos to find an artifact there. We learn that the ancients were really humans who learned how to ascend. The other system lords are brought into the fray.

We learn that Abydos was destroyed, the people on the planet ascending to a higher level.

The last three cards show three of the major characters.

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