Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Trading Cards

The title card for the set.

The main characters and a list of episodes.

Daniel appears, naked, on another planet with no memory of his past. He returns to SGC and regains his memory. The group has to attack Anubis.

Jonas' home planet is under attack by Anubis. Ba'al attacks Anubis, Jonas leaves SG-1 and Daniel resumes his position on the team.

A young O'Neill appears at SGC, but a medical check shows he's dying. A rogue Asgard has been conducting unsanctioned experiments.

Teal'c is badly wounded. His son and Bra' tac have been captured are are in a prison camp. The group has to go save them and in the process destroys a Goa'uld ship.

The group finds a protected city on a nasty planet. The people in the city, though, are being killed by the computer and they have to free the people from the computer's commands and evacuate them from the planet.

The group find a crashed spaceship. Something happens and Daniel is possessed by multiple personalities. Eventually Daniel is freed from the personalities.

The story is about a planet where the Unas were once enslaved. The humans want to mine naquadah but it is on land the Unas consider holy. Violence erupts and people die, but in the end Daniel negotiates a settlement.

A rather unusual episode concerning a space race and the concept of racial purity.

A scientist with a crush on Carter develops a virus for the stargate, but it goes wrong and shuts down all the gates but the one on Earth.

A group of warrior women who use symbiotes contacts the SGC for their help and they are taught about the drug that can be used in place of symbiotes.

A soulless, lifeless creature is created as a form of super-warrior, probably created by Anubis. Daniel gets kidnapped.

Anubis has a whole army of the warriors. Daniel escapes from his kidnappers and is rescued by the team.

Carter gets trapped alone on the Prometheus which is stuck in some kind of space cloud. She receives messages from some others which allows her to figure out how to escape from the cloud.

A planet could be destroyed, but the feuding groups on the planet can't agree on how to handle the danger. The group needs the help of a Goa'uld to save the planet.

Carter has a boyfriend, but he's not satisfied with her cover explanation of what the work she does. A Goa'uld, meanwhile, wants something that is in Daniel's mind.

The Alpha Site gets moved, then attacked. The Tok'ra/Jaffa alliance crumbles, but a new weapon proves useful against one of Anubis' soldiers.

There is a documentary to be made about the Stargate program, but the guy who is assigned to do it gets the cold shoulder from SGC. SG-13 is ambushed and a rescue party is launched.

Dr. Frasier is killed in action.

There's an NID massacre, a Gou'ald and a strange box containing a bomb.

A newly-elected President finds out about the Stargate program and that Kinsey, his vice-president, knew of it all along and is trying to take control of it. Information is found, though, to get Kinsey out of the way.

O'Neill gets Ancient knowledge transferred directly to his mind. The problem is that, if they can't find a way to get it out of his mind, O'Neill will die.

Anubis' fleet attacks. O'Neill finds a chair beneath the Antarctic ice that powers an Ancient weapon and uses it to defeat the fleet, but he has to be put into suspended animation since they haven't managed to get the Ancient knowledge out of his brain.

The main actors.

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