Stargate Season 8 Trading Card Set

The first three cards form a neat montage of the main characters. One of the cards has a listing of the season's episodes.

There's a lot going on in this episode. Two major themes are noted, one of them being the replicators led by Firth, the replicator-humanoid who feels he was betrayed by Carter, and the other theme being system lords meeting on earth at the SGC to discuss Ba'al's rising in the ranks and challenging the other system lords.

Thor's home planet is being invaded by replicators, and he needs O'Neill's help in devising a weapon that will eliminate them. Firth escapes and Carter is saved, but Firth manages to create a replicator-humanoid version of her. O'Neill gets promoted.

Anubis has survived the battle, sort of, and his spirit takes possession of various people before he ends up in one. He escapes through the gate, but Carter had set a trap and Anubis ends up on an eternally frozen world.

The President is due to visit SGC and O'Neill's hands are totally filled with trying to prepare for the visit, dealing with aliens who are arguing among themselves, SG-1 going missing, and Ba'al claiming to have them as prisoners.

Daniel is on another planet where two groups are about to go to war, one of them led by a religious zealot. He gets message to the SGC and various stargate teams come to his aid.

Teal'c is involved in a virtual reality training scenario and things go wrong when he basically tells the scientists to kick it up a notch. That's when things start going wrong.

Teal'c tries to live off base, but things go wrong and he ends up being framed for murder. Jackson has to deal with the old NID who now call themselves the Trust, while Carter is proposed to and accepts.

A guy threatens to reveal to the world the truth about the Stargate program and aliens. The SG team is sent to convince him not to, but things rapidly turn bad, so bad the guy ultimately has to leave the planet.

Teal'c's son plans to get married but both the groom and the bride have power issues. There is a group of Jaffa that has to flee their world and Ba'al continues his rise to system lord preeminence.

The Trust steal the stargate and plan to attack Jaffa worlds with a deadly poison. Several worlds are hit before the team can temporarily stop their plan.

The replicators are back, led by the replicator Carter who destroys her creator and plans to take over things herself.

The Prometheus goes for a flight and gets stolen. Vala is introduced into the series, turning out to be the one who stole the Prometheus and plans to use it for her rather illegal business ventures.

This is a really neat episode about Mayborne who has become the King of a group of people on another planet. A Goa'uld is trying to take over the planet and the SG team helps stop him, thus fulfilling a 'prophecy' of Mayborne's.

Kinsey is now the vice-president and is up to his usual sleazy deals. The U.S. and Russia nearly go to war, and the Trust has been infiltrated by the Goa'uld.

We find out what happens if an average person gets hold of a piece of alien technology, as Joe the barber's life is nearly ruined in the process.

Things are going really bad. Ba'al has control of the system lords but is under attack by replicators. Many Jaffa are wanting to go back to working for the system lords, and the replicators could overrun the entire galaxy. It turns out Anubis is still around, though, and is behind an attempt to take over an ancient weapon and destroy all life in the galaxy. Daniel, meanwhile, has been captured by replicator-Carter.

The device is used to destroy all the replicators, but before that replicator Carter stabs Daniel through the heart.

Daniel enters the diner of the beyond, so to speak, and finds out which one of the diners is Anubis. Another ascended being battles Anubis and he's removed from the field of play. A relatively new romance O'Neill had ends, and Carter's father dies when his symbiote dies.

This is basically an alternate time-line type of story where Carter and Daniel go back into the past and change things accidentally, resulting in a future with no stargate program and no SG-1 team.

The second part of the story concerns an attempt to get history back to where it belongs.

Behind-the-scenes shots.

The other cards in the set.

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