Stargate SG-1 Season 9 Trading Cards

The montage of the characters. Carter doesn't look like she's feeling well.

O'Neill has been promoted and is out of SG-1. The entire team has been disbanded. Mitchell has just arrived to take command of a team which he finds out is no more. Vala arrives and rigs up something that makes her and Daniel stay close. She also has a tablet and Daniel thinks that Avalon is mentioned along with a treasure. Merlin is also an ancient. They beam down to a cavern to investigate.

They find out about the Altearans, an ancient race who made their home on the earth. They may have been the ancestors of the Ancients. Vala and Daniel mentally inhabit the bodies of two people on a distant planet.

This sets up what is the plot line for seasons 9, 10, and one movie, and that's the Ori. It's obviously a comment on the various religions in today's world that think they know all the answers and want blind obedience from their followers. They also use extreme violence to punish dissenters, again just as some religions do today and others did in the past.

The Ori seem to be all-powerful, and I think the battle with them went on for too long. It reminded me of when Millennium went from being an interesting show to being a conspiracy show, and when the X-files got so tied up in their alien arc that my interest in the show went down.

Daniel and Vala are taken to see the city of the Ori and learn more of them and how they will destroy anyone who doesn't accept their teaching. Stargate Command learns about the threat from the Ori.

Although the bracelets are removed, Daniel and Vala still have to stay close to each other. An attempt to find a solution leads them on a wild goose chase.

Vala was once a Goa'uld and returns to a planet to gather her riches, but the Ori are already there. The Ori have a scheme where they make an entire village ill, then heal them, and thus trick the people into worshiping them.

The Ori are establishing a beachhead on a planet in our galaxy. A Goa'uld ruler wants to make a deal with Stargate Command. The Ori destroy the planet to build a supergate into our galaxy, but Vala stops it from happening but disappears in the process.

The leader of the Jaffa Coucil has gone nuts, basically. Ba'al is on Earth, posing as a businessman. A building is set to explode but is beamed into space. Gerak, the Council leader, kills Ba'al, but it turns out that the Goa'uld may have cloned himself.

Mitchell ends up captured by a people called the Sodan just as an Ori has come to their planet. Mitchell's death is faked.

The team discovers the son of Anubis. They manage to kill him in the end. This episode features another annoying thing that the later season Stargate episodes had, and that was the civilian oversight committee that caused the team a lot of trouble.

Gerak is trying to talk the Jaffa into aligning with the Ori. Orlin returns, and Gerak becomes a pryor.

The Ori are coming to this galaxy to destroy the ancients. A plague on Earth caused by the Ori is solved by Gerak's self-sacrifice.

On another planet Mitchell is arrested for murdering someone. It turns out he was framed, though.

A whole bunch of SG-1 teams appear due to a rupture in space.

Part of the story is about something that happened to Mitchell in the past. In the present, Ba'al captures Teal'c and tortures him.

The team is involved with a planet they had visited before. The Ori have arrived, and they need to destroy a satellite the Ori offered one of the sides on the planet.

Stargates are being stolen. SG-1 is captured and tortured, and Ba'al is behind everything.

The Ori have bred some kind of attack insect, and SG-1 is barely saved in time.

Carter is running an experiment and she and Mitchell disappear. Merlin may have a weapon that is capable of destroying ascended beings such as the Ori.

Vala communicates with Daniel. She's back on the other planet and is pregnant, married to an Ori follower. The Ori plan a massive invasion of our galaxy.

They are getting closer to finding the super weapon but the Ori invade the galaxy an decimate an allied ship grouping that tries to stop them.

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