Sweet Valley

The Sweet Valley series of books began back in 1983 with the publication of Double Love, the first in the Sweet Valley High series. The series became extremely popular, leading to a variety of other Sweet Valley series, resulting in a total of over 300 different titles.

The series concerns the adventures of identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, their family, and their friends. Elizabeth and Jessica are identical twins and thus are the same physically, but in most other ways they are completely different. Elizabeth is well-behaved, studious, dedicated, serious and helpful.

Jessica, on the other hand, never takes anything really seriously, or at least not for long. She doesn't care for school, always wants to be the center ofattention, and is strongly into fashion and having fun. Yet she is dedicated to her sister (who usually ends up bailing Jessica out of the trouble she gets herself into!)

The books in the series are often enjoyable to read. They deal with many of the problems that children through teenagers through yong adults confront in their lives. The Kids series deals with Elizabeth and Jessica in Second grade; The Twins series deals with them in Sixth Grade; the High series of course dealswith their high school adventures, and the University series takes place with them in college.

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