TG-related Books,Stories and Anime

Some of the stories below will be boys who get transferred into girls without their desiring to be a girl (Ranma 1/2, Futaba-kun Change); girls who think they are boys (Cheeky Angel); boys who are mixed genders at birth (Gaby stories) and boys who really want to be girls (Sisters, Scream.)

The types of stories seem to fall into four catagories:

First: Everything goes wonderfully. The parents are supportive, friends are supportive, school mates are supportive, nothing goes very much wrong. Frequency of this type of story is rare.

Second: One or both parents are not supportive and are openly hostile; bullying at school can be intense; maybe one friend will help the person.

Third: Whether or not the parents are supportive they die relatively soon, leaving the transgender teen living with some other family.

Fourth: The X-rated type of story which outnumbers all the rest of the types. These are all about sex and that's it.

A Cheeky Angel
Becoming Nicole
Becoming Robin
Football Girl
From the Ashes
Futaba-kun Change
Gaby series of books
Gracefully Grayson
Gun Princess Royale
If I Was Your Girl
Kashimashi book 1
Kashimashi book 2
Kashimashi book 3
Kashimashi book 4
Kashimashi book 5
Kashimashi Episode 1
Kashimashi Episode 2
Kashimashi Episode 3
Promise Me Something
Robin Tiger Lady
Sisters: a fiction story I did about transgenderism
Scream Silently Through the Dark Night: another, much darker trangenderism story.
Suddenly This Summer
The Boy in the Lilac Dress
The Boy in the Red Dress
Turned Into a Girl at Claregrove
We Have No Secrets

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