Face of a Stranger

YEAR: 1991

LENGTH: 97 minutes

CAST: Tyne Daly, Cynthia Nixon, Harris Yulin, Seymour Cassel, Rae Allen, Kevin Tighe

SYNOPSIS: From the TV Guide listing: "This fact-based drama about the plight of the homeless is also a moving character study. Gena Rowlands portrays Pat Foster, the well-to-do wife of a Seattle businessman whose sudden death leaves her considerably less well-to-do. It also sensitizes Pat to the lifestyle of Dollie Madison (Tyne Daly), a street person with a haunted past who has been shadowing her. "

From Leonard Maltin: "Shining performances by Rowlands as an upscale socialite suddenly left penniless when her husband drops dead and Daly as a homeless woman living across the street in a cardboard box. The common thread between them is beautifully woven by playwright Marsha Norman in her adaptation of Mary Stuart's New York magazine article.

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