Ghosts Among Us

This is a 2004 book about ghost sightings, and includes topics such as Spirits of Seattle, Haunted Amusement Parks, Four-Footed Ghosts, Spirit Photography, Haunted Hotels, Cemetery Ghosts and Bed-and-Breakfast ghosts among other topics.

One of the most interesting of the stories involves Seattle and the ghost of a Native American woman. In all the ghost books I've read, ghosts of Native Americans do not seem to be extremely common.

It's also interesting how stories show just how open to ghosts very young children are. A story of a four-year-old girl illustrates this well. She saw a ghost in her room (she didn't realize it was a ghost, of course), and it was playing with her toys. She was mad at first, then went in and decided to join the ghost and play with her toys also.

There are a lot of very interesting ghost stories in this book. It's also got a lot of photos, but the photos are basically building exteriors, mostly, and don't actually involve images of ghosts.

It's a good, fairly typical, book about ghost stories and makes for a nice, entertaining read.

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