Exploring Parallel Worlds


Right off I have a bit of a problem with this book. The author says parallel realities exist. Sorry, but there is no scientific proof whatever that they actually do exist. They might exist, yes. Certain aspects of quantum physics indicate that they might exist but absolute, undeniable proof that they exist is lacking.

The author says that parallel realities could explain things like Bigfoot, cryptids, UFOs, communication with the dead, missing time, out of body experiences, dowsing, lucid dreaming and other things.

If they would exist then they could explain some of the above, definitely. They could also explain things like the Bermuda Triangle and other triangles on the Earth. The problem lies in proving it. If a person goes from this reality into a parallel one, for example, and they don't return with some kind of objects that can be shown (like American coins that are slightly different than ours, a book that is different, something small that is easily transported, etc.) then there is no way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a parallel reality.

Further, if they go into a parallel reality and don't return that's pretty much it right there.

He also talks about the holographic universe concept. He speculates on whether or not spirits of the dead go into another reality after death. He also talks about channeling and a thing called a soul phone which supposedly allows you to talk to someone who is dead.

So this is pretty much all speculation. Fascinating speculation, and speculation that definitely should continue to be explored. Television shows like Sliders and Fringe have already shown the types of things that could happen if such things are real instead of fiction.

All in all an interesting but not convincing book.

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