Time Travel Stories


The author goes into the evolution of the human concept of time and how it affects people. A lot of the emphasis on this has been due to the fear of dying and trying to see when one's time is or if there is a way to avoid death at that time.

The author talks about time as an illusion and the concept of space-time. Speculation about travel into the past and the future is also discussed.

After that point comes a series of personal stories about people who say they have gone into the past or into the future, including things dealing with UFO abduction, military uses of a type of time control device and someone who claims they have been to a bunker on Mars. Another person says they went into the past and saw Lincoln.

Therein lies the problem with this and similar books. These are stories the author has picked up from somewhere when such-and-such a person claims to have gone into the past or the future or both. Yet no one comes back with any kind of actual physical proof such as a coin, a newspaper or something small like that which has a specific date on it. No one seems to have taken any photographs from the past or the future, either.

Granted, most of these travels are spontaneous but in this world of cell phones and digital cameras wouldn't at least one person have one on them and think to take a photo? Wouldn't at least one person have thought to bring back something from the past or the future that can be verified? (Of course the true skeptic would say they bought whatever it was from a flea market or something and are trying to pass it off as something they actually got in the past or the future.

Here's a point the skeptics will make about any of this and that it not cannot be repeated in the lab under controlled conditions, therefore not falling under the term of acceptable science.

If one accepts the existence of parallel realities then things get even more complicated because if a person does go back into the past or into the future how can we be sure they are doing so in our reality and not our present one?

Still, overall, this all makes for something fascinating to think about.

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