Season 1 Basic Card Set

The pilot episode has six cards, this being the first four. It tells the story of how the main characters all end up together working in the same place. Mrs. Frederick is a very strange person who we never really find out all that much about. Artie is the guy who runs Warehouse 13, and he is also a very interesting character. There were at least one more set issued, but it seems to be extremely hard to find and, if you can, it's extremely expensive.

Pete and Mika are the ones sent out to find these artifacts, get hold of them and then neutralize them with a bag of purple goo that they carry.

The top two cards continue the material from the pilot episode. The artifact they are after in this episode turns out to be a hair comb from Lucretia Borgia. Artifacts can be almost anything, by the way, which makes finding them that much harder.

The bottom two cards are from the next episode. The artifact this time is a record album. It's being used to pull off bank robberies.

There is also some kind of security breach at Warehouse 13 that Artie is trying to figure out, while Pete and Myka figure out what types of banks the robbers are hitting. The reason for the robberies, though, turns out not to be the greed of the robbers, but the greed of a big business.

The first card shows a Telsa Gun, which is a device which basically is like a phaser set on low, enough to knock out an opponent but not necessarily kill them. Thus begins a series of cards from another episode.

The town Pete and Myka go to is exhibiting instances of people being dizzy and slipping into comas. They determine that this time it's a chair that is the artifact.

Now, for a bit of an explanation of artifacts. They are all devices that were used by someone in the past, sometimes for evil purposes, sometimes not. The thing is, though, that the artifacts were very, very closely associated with the person who spent a lot of time with them. It's a common belief that each person has an aura about them, a sort of electromagnetic field that their body makes.

The aura carries impressions of the person's feelings (and can be read by some to determine illnesses, for example, in the person). Part of that aura can imprint itself in an object. For example, most churches a person goes into give the person a feeling of calmness, even if there is no one else is there. That is because many people have been in that church over the years trying to think good thoughts, and all of that energy gets absorbed by the walls of the church and radiates back into the visitor.

There are people who have the ability to do psychometry, which is where they can hold an object and determine it's past history as to who owned it, what it was used for, etc. (It's a rare psychic ability.)

So, the artifacts work via the exact same principle. The people who had them infused so much of their personal energy into the objects that the objects can radiate that type of energy into someone else and can change that person's behavior.

The purple goo somehow neutralizes that energy and stops, at least for a while.

Many people don't believe this type of thing exists, of course, but it does make a lot of sense.

The first two cards show that in this case the artifact actually had to be destroyed. Meanwhile, the security breach at the warehouse is worse than Artie had thought.

The third card shows my favorite character in the entire series, Claudia. She is introduced into the series when she kidnaps Artie.

Claudia needed Artie's help in rescuing her brother from an experiment that went wrong since he didn't have everything he needed from the artifact he used. That works, but now they are all left with the problem of Claudia knowing about the warehouse.

The next episode concerns an artifact that allows a person to walk through a vault and steal something. Pete is injured. Leena, the girl who has the home that the Warehouse 13 people are seen in, is trying to help Claudia.

The artifact the crook is using could help him get his hands on four others and gain immense power, but he's stopped before that can happen. Claudia, meanwhile, goes to Los Vegas and wins and returns to the Warehouse where Leena is think she needs something more constructive to do.

The next episodes more than one person killed. Pete and Myka find yet another body, but this time it's a warehouse agent. Claudia is put to work and the episode reveals a part of the warehouse that had not yet been seen in the series.

Another episode. There's some kind of a creature on a guy's back before he jumps to his death. Pete and Myka meet another former warehouse agent. This time the artifact goes back to the time of the Crusades. Pete is taken over by the creature, and the woman warns Myka she should stop working at the warehouse before it's to late and she's used up.

Another episode. Some inter-service rivalry arises when another artifact, this time a samurai sword, is hunted. Pete and Myka find our Artie's name is not his real one. He's also suspected of treason. Meanwhile, a new villain is introduced, James MacPherson. Pete and Myka try to get the sword back.

MacPherson gets the sword and kills a guy right in front of Artie. The vilain escapes, setting up future possibilities for other episodes.

The next episode shows Pete doing what he rather often does, and that is playing around with the artifacts, this time playing table tennis against his own reflection in Lewis Carroll's mirror. Things go wrong, and then they are called to go to Los Vegas and check out something there. Artie and Claudia try to clean up the mess Pete made and that's when they see Myka's reflection in the mirror.

It turns out that Alice was a psychopath who was trapped in the mirror but now has changed places with Myka. Meanwhile a second artifact is involved, a chip that helps people see into the future which explains why a couple has been having such good luck in Los Vegas. The crazy Alice is eventually forced back into the mirror.

Pete and Myka are sent to a prison to check out suicides that have happened there. Each sees someone they know who has died. A book may be behind the suicides. Meanwhile Claudia has gotten herself into some trouble at the warehouse by using an artifact.

The artifact turns out to be a cross.

The cross is put back on the wall and everything returns to normal in the first two cards. Artie manages to free Claudia.

The next two cards are about the next episode where, once again, Claudia is in trouble. Artie is meeting with Mrs. Fredrick and she's not happy. Things get worse at the warehouse while we meet a group of stuffed shirts called the regents who run the warehouse program.

It turns out that the warehouse was going to self-destruct if some way was not found to stop the countdown. Meanwhile, Artie has basically been given the go ahead for finding, and dealing with, MacPherson.

This episode concerns Myka's parents. Her father has been infected by the printing from a book that's an artifact. Meanwhile, at a school, a student becomes obsessed with the pen that Edgar Allen Poe used. The pen, of course, is yet another artifact.

Pete and Myka end up in danger as the student uses the pen to bring to life situations in Poe's writings.

MacPherson threatens Myka's parents, and she turns the notebook and pen artifacts over to him.

The next episode reveals the background story between Artie and MacPherson, and how they both wanted the same woman. An artifact that allows a person to save his life is shown, although it has a side effect of causing the death of one or more other people if it saves the life of a person.

Claudia is suspected of taking things from the warehouse and giving them to MacPherson. MacPherson threatens to kill Artie, but Pete manages to distract him. MacPherson is captured and taken to the warehouse and bronzed, but is freed by Leena.

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