Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever

The book opens with Pete and Myka in a museum trying to hunt down the cutlass of a woman pirate. The usual things happen. The story moves on to its main emphasis, a woman that appears in carnivals and other places and can actually heal people. Artie figures it's some kind of artifact that she is using and he sends Myka and Pete to obtain it.

Things don't go well, though, as they find that the circus people are willing to break the law and interfer with their investigation. The woman escapes and much of the book is taken with them trying to hunt her down because there's a problem.

It turns out there is another glove, this one capable of making people ill and even dying from that illness. The insane guy with that glove is trying to steal the one from the woman, so this ends up in a lot of trying to locate both the people and their artifacts. What is complicating matters is that he guy used the glove on Pete and Pete is now dying.

There's a major showdown in Central Park later. It's a good story.

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