Edward Scissorhands

What I will do here is take some screen caps (mainly of Winona) and then add my review of the movie itself.

The basic story is that Edward was created by an inventor who died before he could finish giving him actual hands, so Edward has various kinds of scissors as hands. The theme of the movie is prejudice and how quickly people can turn on someone, and how being different can cause a person massive problems, but also shows how it doesn't have to come between two people who like each other.

Edward is also a complete innocent, having absolutely no knowledge of anything in the world other than what was in the mansion where he was created.

Unfortunately there's a religious fanatic living in the community and she's quick to condemn Edward. Also, you can tell immediately that the daughter's boyfriend is going to be a major trouble maker.

The machines the inventor made are incredibly funny, the one making the cookies being the best of all. It's also interesting how the community the people live in consists of identical houses (except for color), nearly identical cars and pretty much identical type people. They seem to be nice people basically, except for the religious fanatic.

Edward not only cuts bushes into shape he does haircuts for dogs and even people. Winona's boyfriend in the movie is a sleezeball and Edward ends up getting in trouble because of him. It's also interesting to see how a group of people can change from liking to hating another person almost instantly.

It's a very sad movie in a way. It shows just how fickle people can be in how they judge others and how some teenage punks are their own form of monster.

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