How to Make an American Quilt

Finn is working on her third attempt at a Master's thesis. She's going away from the summer while her boyfriend works on their house. She goes to stay with the same relatives she did when she was young. Her great-aunt Alice is the person who had a group that worked on quilts when Finn was young.

The women are working on another quilt, and this is for Finn's wedding. Various relatives remember things that happened to them in the past which is similar to the pieces of a quilt being put together to make a whole. Finn listens to the various stories.

Finn and the guy she is theoretically going to marry are having problems, including what rooms should be where in the house and when, and if, she is going to have babies. (They are not even married yet). It turns out he's cheating on her. She also finds out she's not the only woman there to have the same type of problem. She also finds herself attracted to a different guy.

So, she has to make a decision and she does. It's a good movie about relationships and it ties everything together quite well.

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