Xena: Warrior Princess

I really like the Xena series. You have a number of very strong women. You have a flawed hero, Xena, who had done terrible things in her past and is now working to do as much good as she can. You have an intelligent bard, Gabrielle. You have situations where Xena is tested physically, mentally and spiritually.

It's a series that is very relevant to today's world even though it went off television some years ago.

There are places on the Net where you can find episode guides so I'm not going to redo them here. What I am going to do is show some trading cards from each series of that I have and I'll also have reviews of the relevant books about her that I've read so far.

Basic trading card sets, Each has 72 cards in the set.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4 and 5

Season 6

Allies, seasons 4, 5

Art and Images

Artist Cards

A Taste of Honey Cereal

Beauty and Brawn

Bustin' Loose

Dangerous Liasons

Enemies, Seasons 4,5

Quotable Bard (smaller set)

Quotable, larger set

Book Reviews

All I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess
Battle On
Prophecy of Darkness
The Warrior Way of Death
Warrior Stars of Xena
Xena X-Posed
Xena Warrior Princess: Princess in Peril

Magazine Reviews

Xena Magazine
Femme Fatales
The Chakram

Comic Book Reviews

Note: These comic books are the ones I've gotten. There are others which have the same numbers but are varient covers, though, and I don't have those.

Callisto series
Dark Horse Comics series
Dynamite Comics series
Gilgamesh series
Topps Comics, issue 0
Topps Comics: The Original Olympics
Wrath of Hera series
Year One

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