The Girls of Canby Hall #1: Roommates

This is another of the somewhat older young adult series of books that I like. The main characters are going to a boarding school. Dana, who is white, is a city girl. Faith, who is black, is a girl who is 15 and is a talented photographer. Shelley is from a small town type of place.

Problems start right off when Faith thinks Shelley doesn't like black people (where she comes from there were almost no black people at all.) It gets worse when Shelley wants to decorate the room a certain way and the other two girls don't like her idea. Matters get so bad they divide their room into three parts using masking tape and basically a war of silence goes on among the three.

The situation is known by others and they all get called in to their resident assistant and they discuss what is going on. Later Faith becomes friends with a girl who is basically a troublemaker and Shelly is absolutely set on leaving the place during Christmas break and never returning.

I liked the book and I think it's a good opening to the series.

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