With Friends Like That

It looks like Canby Hall's luck has run out. There's a descendant of the original property owner who is far more interested in money than he is interested in the education of the girls. He offers the entire property to a greedy business, making it seem like the present year will be the last for the school.

The girls plan to try to raise enough money to keep the school going at least for another year but then they find out that the amount they really need is three times what they thought they needed, and the total is in the millions.

When the business that is considering buying the property shows up the girls chain themselves to the buildings just as was done in the Civil Rights movement. And, just as it was done in that, police are more interested in defending the rich and letting the relative poor go to Hades, some some of the girls end up in the jail.

There is also a sort of romantic aspect with Dana meeting the son of the guy that wants to buy the property, but he has been twisted by his father into a lover of money over all.

The girls need a miracle, and that miracle might just lie in someone who others consider to be some kind of weird bum.

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