Who's The New Girl?

There are three themes going on in this story. In one, the girls are going to participate in a short trip to Florida with some of the other girls from the school.

This directly leads to a second theme, which is another attempt by Shelley to lose weight, something she has done before in the series. She keeps this effort a secret from the other girls.

The third theme involves a new girl at school. Nicole starts off in a rather out-dated style of clothing and seems to have some trouble adjusting, but soon is in clothes that are rather risqué. She also starts charming boys left and right include the boyfriends of Dana and Shelley. (Faith doesn't play a very major role in this story.)

Worst yet, Nicole seems to become tied in with Pamela, a girl who has already proved her nasty character in the series. The trip to Florida is complicated when Pamela and Nicole seem to skip planned outings and are out on their own somewhere.

Things keep developing until something sets off Pamela and the real truth about the new girl comes out.

Another good story.

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