What's A Girl to Do?

1985, #14 in the series.

The girls are going to volunteer at the local hospital. Shelley is worried about play tryouts, Faith sort of has a new boyfriend, and Dana is worried about a new student who might be unpopular. The reason they are volunteering is that the six weeks of public service will get them out of a final exam in one of their courses.

Dana is concerned about her younger sister possibly attending the school the next year. Meanwhile there's an argument among the students about whether or not uniforms should be required wear the next year. Pamela ends up being stuck with wearing one of the three uniforms being considered and she's not happy about that at all.

Faith is back with Johnny but is also attracted to a doctor. The book is then continued with various romantic problems and the issue of the uniforms. Dana still has to figure out how to handle the possibility that her younger sister may attend the same school. A good story.

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