Our Roommate is Missing

It doesn't take long for things to start happening. Emily is missing right from the start. It turns out she has been kidnapped in an effort to stop someone from testifying at an upcoming trial. The problem is that the kidnappers got the wrong girl. The trial involves some kind of stolen paintings scam.

Shelly has to go through a lot and is poorly treated by the kidnappers. Faith, Dana and Bret go to rescue her but things don't go well right from the beginning. It's possible that two of the three girls could end up dead.

Almost as bad, to me, as the kidnapping is the official decision to keep everything that has happened a secret so as to not hurt the reputation of the school. The 'let's sweep it under the rug' approach to reality which is really a disservice to the girls who are attending a school where knowledge and truth are both to be revered. Still, it's a very good second book in the series.

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