The focus of this story is based on two people. Gigi, who raises nasty to entirely new levels, and Laura Lee who avoids much of anything to do with other people and who does not take gym for some reason.

Toby is sort of depressed over winter so the other two decide to throw a party for her. They have to get permission and gets things in motion. Gigi, though, finds out and plans to throw her 'Come as Someone You Hate' party (which gives you an idea of just how maladjusted this person is!)

Gigi gets more and more nasty as the story goes on, particularly to the girls in 407. Laura Lee seems to be a young girl who has mental problems.

As far as Laura Lee goes, the girls of 407 hate anyone being alone and having no fun at all, so they get to work on her. Gigi's actions go way over the top of the prank level. Questions arise as to whose party will the most people attend and will Laura Lee be finally able to come out of her shell. It's yet another good story in this series.

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