But She's So Cute

An interesting addition to the Girls of Canby Hall series. This one centers of course on the three girls from Room 407 with the introduction of a new girl named Penny who seems unable to do anything for herself.

She uses her cuteness to get people to do things for her but Toby ends up seeing the girl for what she is and doesn't like her. Penny is sort of a Southern-belle type of girl, she believes. Thus, on plot element is how the girls react to Penny and whether or not Penny will grow up and stop depending on others to do the things she should be doing herself.

The other story like is about Jane being self-centered. She's supposed to help the other girls with a weekend at the school when potential students will be visiting but it seems she plans instead to go out on a date with her boyfriend and ignore helping the others.

So, both girls have problems to be solved but the other girls are there to help out.

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