Princess Who?

Suddenly a blue police box materializes outside of Canby Hall. Andy, Toby and Jane rush out along with the other girls to see what has happened. The doors of the police box open and a young girl, dressed stylishly as a princess, leaves the confines of the box.

The girls gaze in awe at the girl and yell at the girl to identify herself.

"I'm a princess," she replies.

"Princess Who?" the mob of girls questions.

And thus we have the title of the book.

Princess Who?

This would have made an interesting opening, I think. In reality, the three girls are called over to the headmistress's office and told an actual princess is going to be coming to the school to see if it's a place she wants to come to to get an education.

The girls are assigned as her social escorts, basically, and only one of them, Jane, is actually pleased. Toby isn't excited because she has heard her horse has a cough which could be very bad for it's health. Andy just isn't interested at all but they will do what they are supposed to do not matter how little actual interest they have.

Another problem arises when the Princess arrives and seems to fall for one of the boyfriends of the trio and he seems to fall for her. It's found that the Princess herself is not immune to problems like an engagement she doesn't want to a Prince in her area of the world.

Everything has a potential to become a major mess and it doesn't help things that the Princess seems to run away.

Still, the girls are tough and fair and they will do their best to help make sure things end up all right. Overall a good story.

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