The Girls of Canby Hall #25: The Ghost of Canby Hall

It's near the end of the year and it's time for finals which has all the girls knowing they need to do some heavy studying. At the same time there's an exhibit at the library of some materials relating to Julia Canby who Canby Hall was named for.

There's also a contest going for the best writer and three girls, one of whom is Jane, are in competition for the award.

Then strange things begin to happen as music from Julia's music box can be heard and gradually more and more students claim they have seen the ghost of the girl moving around the campus.

Jane has become intensely interested in Julia's life. Andy is extremely skeptical of any ghost existing until she herself sees what appears to be Julia's ghost. The situation between the three girls in 407 gets rather testy and eventually Andy sets out to find what is really happening.

So the questions remain is there or is there not a ghost? If there is no ghost then who is behind all the things that have been going on? Who will win the writing award? Will the ghost stuff that is going on hurt the entire hall in their preparations for final exams? It's another decent book in the series.

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