The Girls of Canby Hall: The Roomate and the Cowboy

It's summer vacation and Toby has returned to her ranch in Texas. She invites Jane and Andy there and they both come to stay for a couple of weeks lasting until after a rodeo and a dance.

Toby's father is used to things being quiet and has to adjust to the present of the three, at times rather noisy, girls. Jane has a lot of culture shock trying to adjust to life on a ranch and shows she is really scared of snakes and other life forms that are lurking about.

One life form she ends up not scared about though is Beau, a young cowboy who she doesn't get along with at first but who she becomes quite fond of later. Andy tries to prepare a meal for everyone and ends up lost in the outdoors, worrying everyone. The group goes hunting for arrowheads at one point and Toby will be participating in the rodeo.

It's yet another good story in the series.

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