The Girls of Canby Hall: Happy Birthday, Jane

Jane is about to turn 16 so the girls plan something special for that day. Some of their male friends will also take part. It takes a while to figure out just what they want to do but they finally decide on how they plan to celebrate that day.

Jane's mother gives her a set of pearls that belonged to a relative (enough attention is given to this that we know something is going to go wrong involving them later.) The day does not go as planned at all, though, as Jane has a problem with steering what they are on, believes she loses a camera and seems to lose something else. One of the group ends up in potential danger.

They run into more problems when they get back to the dorm late. One of the guys gets punished for being late and he stands to lose money because he can't do a job he was expected to do. Jane feels that everything is her fault. She decides to hide the fact she lost something important but finds out that mothers know more than she thinks they do.

Anyhow, everything turns out all right in the end and Jane learns a valuable lesson about being honest with her parents. It's a good story.

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