You're No Friend of Mine

After the events of the last novel where Shelley was kidnapped you'd think everything would be back to normal but it isn't. It seems that Dana's father has invited Dana to move in with him and his new love, Eve. That would mean Dana would leave Canby Hall and all her friends for at least a full year, so she's under a lot of stress trying to figure out what she should do.

Meanwhile, Shelley has fallen hard for a boy in the theater group she's involved with and all she can do is talk about him and what she should do. The constant talking and stress bring Dana and Shelley into fighting with other and Faith can't do much about what has happened. Faith's mother, a social worker, tries to help but it's not enough.

Further, Shelley is in danger of flunking out of school and doesn't seem to really care about anything but her would-be boyfriend and her possible future as an actress. It looks like the trio of girls could break up completely.

A good third novel.

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