a Halloween festival coming up and Andy, Toby and Jane are on a committee to plan events. Unfortunately Gigi is also on the committee and spends the entire book trying to cause her usual trouble.

Jane there's a major problem. The boy she met in Texas, Beau, has come to visit her. He's a sort-of boyfriend and this is something that will prove to be a surprise to her boyfriend Cary. Jane tries to keep them apart but, as things usually happen, things don't stay secret for long.

What makes it worse is that Gigi plans to make a play for one of the two boys herself. In addition Andy and Toby get upset with Jane because she isn't really doing much for the preparations so Jane's problems just increase.

So, how does Jane keep up with her studies, solve the problem of the two boyfriends, avoid trouble from Gigi and make up with her roommates? It all makes for an interesting story.

favorite quote: I would have to cheer up before I could get depressed.

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