The Girls of Canby Hall #4: Keeping Secrets

This is the fourth book in the series. There's two major plot themes running in this book. One has Faith falling for a young man who, unfortunately, has plans to become a policeman. Faith's father was a policeman who was killed which makes it incredibly hard on her to have feelings for someone who plans get into law enforcement.

The second major theme is that there is a thief in Canby Hall. Various items to missing from different rooms. None of them are really expensive or anything fantastic, but all of them have meaning for the girl they originally belonged to.

And therein we have a problem. On page 158 of the book the two of the girls hide in a closet and catch the thief which turns out to be a cat. Yet a violin had been stolen and no explanation is given how a cat could have hidden a violin.

Yet, not many pages later, it seems that the thief had not been caught as more things go missing. A girl named Mary Beth is blamed for the thefts because she has almost nothing to do with the other girls. She has a secret of her own, though, which explains that.

So the questions are who is the thief, why did she take non-expensive items, and can Faith and her new would-be boyfriend.

Other then the problem with thief caught/not caught, it's a good book.

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