Four is a Crowd

It's the second year at school for Faith, Dana and Shelley. There's a new girl at the school, Pamela, who is the daughter of a Hollywood actress. She raises the level of snob to totally new heights. She's already been tossed out of various other schools and definitely considers the students at Canby to be far below her level of greatness.

She's always talking about all the actors and actresses she knows and how she's used to rich things. She's basically slumming at the school.

Incidentally, we find out there are 250 girls at the school.

So the first theme is about how nasty Pamela is and how cruel she is to the other girls. There is a second theme, though, and that involves the headmistress and a mysterious man that a couple of the girls see her with. The girls spy on the headmistress to find out what is going on but that doesn't work out well for them.

A neat addition to the series.

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