Sweet Valley High episode 1

Dangerous Love

They are going to a party.

Lila's on the right.


Todd. Apparently he and Elizabeth broke up over the fact that he nominated her for homecoming queen. She also feels he's been making a lot of decisions for her.

Amy Sutton.

Elizabeth wins Homecoming Queen.


Scott, a college freshman who came to the party, asks Elizabeth out on a date.

Jessica calls Scott, pretending she's Elizabeth, in order to get him for herself.

Where Jessica plans to meet Scott.

Liz and Todd kiss, with Liz thinking that Scott stood her up.

Jessica and Elizabeth are supposed to be 16 years old.

Liz and Todd go to the party but Jessica is already outside. Scott tried to get her drunk and then get her to make out with him.

They end up setting up Jessica later. The students think Elizabeth writes a gossip column for the school newspaper. Liz spills something on Jessica's blouse, then gives her a sweater and then walks out. Todd calls Jessica "Elizabeth" just as a bunch of students run up and grab her, carrying her to the swimming pool and throwing her in since they think she's the writer of the gossip column.

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