Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #4: The Ghost in the Bell Tower

Jessica and Elizabeth go to visit an aunt who is trying to restore a house. Steven and a friend of his also go, and there are other girls there. Steven and his friend play jokes on the girls, trying to scare them because there is a story about the place being haunted.

As more and more strange things happen Jessica becomes sure there is a ghost and Elizabeth still thinks there are no such things as ghosts. She does some research into the place and finds out about its tragic love story and a legend that ringing the bell in the bell tower will drive away the ghost forever.

The evidence that the ghost exists grows and the girls decide they have had enough with the things that have been happening that are scare them so they decide to confront the ghost, if there is such a thing, once and for all.

This is a very unusual story but it's also a very good one especially because of the tragic love story from the past and how it ties everything together.

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