One of the Gang

Jessica is primarily used as a 'you-don't-want-to-behave-this-way' type of example although, at times, short times, she can display a nicer personality. In this story a new girl has arrived at school and her name is Pamela Jacobson. She has a heart condition that limits what she can do physically.

She had been at a school for 'special needs' students, but she wanted to go to a regular school and her father has allowed it on a trial basis. Pamela is unhappy, though, that she can't participate in any of the school activities that require any physical strain at all. She even has to go slow walking to class.

One day Jessica hurts herself and has to use crutches for a while and, slowly, she begins to realize just what type of restricted life Pamela has to live.

The school is going to hold a mini-Olympics and neither girl seems to be able to participate, but some serious thinking leads to a way that every single student that wants to can join in the games. The idea is Jessica's and it really works for everyone. A good story.

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