Buried Treasure

In this story Jessica and Ellen have found a box buried in their yard. They find it contains some $200 in cash along with letters and a photo. A young boy named Mark had also found it but the two girls split the money and leave Mark out of the loop.

What complicates matters is that the school is holding a fund-raising drive and Jessica is supposed to be selling candy bars but she doesn't. The box containing the money disappears just at the time when Jessica and Ellen have been buying some things like earrings that are expensive and a walkman. Gradually a situation arises where the other students think the girls stole the money and they shut them out. Even Elizabeth thinks Jessica might be a thief.

Complicating even more, Elizabeth is running for class treasurer against a guy that the other students make fun of. Elizabeth's friend Amy defects to help him and the chances of Elizabeth getting elected look grim.

Finally, one more complication is thrown in when the woman the box was meant for shows up. Altogether it's a good story with, as usual, a moral message in it.

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