Sweet Valley Twins: Stretching the Truth

This is book #13 in the series. The plot revolves around Mary who was recently reunited with her real mother. Her mother plans to marry a guy and Mary feels left out. She brags about her to-be stepfather and how rich they are, and how they have just bought a boat.

The problem is the the boat is a tugboat and Mary feels ashamed of it since so many others in Sweet Valley actually have yachts. She learns that stretching the truth can cause problems and those she runs into with the other girls at school.

She feels more and more isolated and even, at one point, starts to run away. Her birthday is coming up, there's supposed to be a party on their boat and she's really upset. The question is, is there any way that she can undone the things she's said, make nice with her stepfather-to-be, and not have everything turn out so wrong that she becomes a social outcast at school.

Another good novel with a good message.

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