Center of Attention

The basic theme is that Mrs. Wakefield is ill and ends up pretty much confined to bed. The students and teachers at the school are very nice to the twins, having heard about what was going on. Unfortunately, the person they heard it from was Caroline who loves to gossip but often stretches things a lot.

Before long people get the idea that Mrs. Wakefield is dying. At home, the twins and Steven try to maintain things (their father is away on business), but Jessica does more bossing then work, although she does on the other hand spend a lot of time with her mother.

The problem for Jessica arises when she finds out her mother is not dying at all. Jessica had gotten a part in a school play via sympathy from the girl who had actually been picked for the part, so Jessica has to decide whether to tell the truth about her mother not dying, and lose the part, or keeping quiet and keeping the part she wanted.

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